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10 habits may ruin your marriage You have to know it

Women sometimes wonder what might cause the end of marriages that seemed very successful? There are small habits that the couple see as normal and simple actions, but what they do not know is that their long-term accumulations could destroy the happiest marriage in the world.

10 habits may ruin your marriage You have to know it

10 habits may ruin your marriage You have to know it
1. Irony:

The irony is sometimes the way one of the parties to pass his criticism and anger without appearing to be wrong on the other party, especially if the most sensitive, if the other object the answer comes: “I was joking, do not bear a little bit of joke?

The mockery is a joke, but inside it means that there are a lot of disturbances under the surface. It also indicates that the couple has no space for openness, which enables them to express their distress freely, forcing them to express it indirectly.
2. Negative:

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Negative and non-participation with your husband in making decisions and facing problems of destructive habits, which make both of you live on an isolated island, the basis in marriage is partnership.

3. Discussion to win:

If you disagree on an issue, what is the purpose of the discussion? Is the primary goal to win and prove the self or reach a mutually satisfactory area? If your goal is to validate your opinion all the time, this will have a long-term negative impact on the other side and on the relationship in general.
4. Surrender to pressure:

Life is full of pressure at all levels, and surrender to it leads to the parties being caught up and preoccupied with the whirlpool, trying to take some time from time to time.
5. Partner neglect:

Focus the whole attention on something else, whether children or work and partner neglect weakens the relationship.
6. Constant criticism:

Constant criticism is directed, the other party feels a lack of confidence.
7. Ignore problems:

Ignoring problems and accumulating under the surface without attempts to solve them, multiply them and increase their severity.

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Ignoring the needs of the other party:

Ignoring the other party and its needs, problems and promises to him, and focus on yourself only, are all things capable of destroying the relationship.
9. Lack of intimacy:

If you leave the intimacy wither, you will be transformed from a couple just to two partners in the housing.
10. Lack of communication:

Make sure you communicate constantly, and do not let your busy life and stress lose you.

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