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Download X-Mouse Button Control 2.42 2018

The mouse has been a staple peripheral device for regarding thirty years. Its basic functions are established despite what new engineering science styles have appeared over the years. In turn, nearly everyone is aware of the way to handle a mouse and considers it simple and intuitive. Still, just in case you do not trust the bulk, there’s an alternative choice for you.

X-Mouse Button management will fully amendment the button configuration of your mouse. By attributing a replacement operate from a drop-down list. X-Mouse supports up to five buttons which might be originated as a default profile, however may be reconfigured to figure otherwise looking on that window is active at the time. for instance, you’ll originated right click to figure as a Back button in Firefox, however still be a right click all over else.

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Download X-Mouse Button Control 2.42 2018

Download X-Mouse Button Control 2.42 2018

If that’s not enough, there square measure layers for you to bind multiple controls to constant button. for instance, you may wish the buttons to behave otherwise whereas you play a game than once you work on a program. Layers will be named ! what is not that nice is that the documentation for X-Mouse isn’t terribly accessible. rather than having associate embedded facilitate document, X-Mouse invitations you to go to its homepage and forums. Still, you’ll quickly experiment to search out out what will what. What it would be nice on behalf of me to say tho’ is that so as to access the window whereas running, you may ought to right click on its icon within the notification space and choose “Setup”.

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button re-binding
bedded functions
Application specific settings


It causes you to marvel why Windows does not have already got such associate possibility


No embedded documentation (but it isn’t that troublesome to comprehend)


X-Mouse is additional helpful if you are employing a mouse with over three buttons (up to five to be exact). the dearth of correct documentation may flip you off however in essence X-Mouse is fairly simple to use and may be useful within the right circumstances.

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