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How do you make your husband tell you about his problems

Many women suffer from the closure of their husbands and hide their feelings and frustrations about them, which makes the house overshadowed by the atmosphere of anger and tension and the formation of problems and fabrication of problems without addressing the real reasons, in fact, many men lack the ability to disclose their feelings, and ashamed to involve their wives in their problems, Supermama “will tell you some tips that will help you overcome this problem.

How do you make your husband tell you about his problems

How do you make your husband tell you about his problems

1. Ask for advice to solve your problems:

Many couples are afraid to say their problems shyly, but when you ask him for advice on a problem you make him feel confident in himself, especially if asked to disclose previous experiences in similar problems passed by and easily overcome.

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2. Avoid the phrase “we should talk in …”:

This sentence will automatically raise your husband’s anxiety, make him or her feel as if there is a new problem or a major disaster awaiting him, which will in turn avoid dialogue with you and inform you of his problems or what he thinks and what he is suffering and will turn into inevitable quarrels.

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3. Do not talk to him tired:

The person who is tired does not need to talk about his problems, problems and thoughts. All he thinks is a rest, so if your husband is tired or tired, do not try to open a discussion with him about anything, whether he is tired or tired. Get closer to him and find out what bothers him.

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4. Being a girlfriend:

Think about the benefits in your friends so you can talk to them and ask them about your secrets and problems. Is it because they listen to you with interest, or because you feel that they will accept everything you say without prior judgment? Your husband also needs a girlfriend to do the ideals with, be him like this, always give him the impression that you want to listen to him whether it seems exciting or boring, and do not judge his actions very sharply even if they are wrong, friends accept each other’s mistakes because they know we are all human .

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5. Do not press him to talk:

Sometimes, stress may make your husband start talking, and often other insistence may make him explode angry rather than bow in your lap and disclose all that he thinks, so if your husband preferred silence and unwillingness to talk on any subject you try to open, give him his time until He can deal with his negative feelings without moving to you.

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6. Pick the questions intelligently:

Would you like to open a conversation with your husband? The question is the best way to do it, but do not ask questions. Their answers can be summed up in yes or no. Try to ask them questions that encourage dialogue and start talking.

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7. Do not feel guilty:

Many wives feel hurt and uncomfortable because their husbands do not share their feelings and problems. But this is not the time to add guilt to what your husband is suffering. Do not follow this method and make him feel that you are the cause of your distress. This will either increase his grief or cause him to explode in the end. This pressure.
8. Participate in daily activities:

If your husband is used to watching a football match, walking, or even watching the news every day, share the same activities, he will help you open up a wide range of conversation between you and you will over time find out that he will start to express his feelings automatically.
The relationship between the couple should be built on participation and understanding to ensure their validity and continuity, and the best way to share this friendship of your husband, being a close friend at first you will find him frank with you always.

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