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The only way to make friends in the first year of university

Some young people suffer from the problem of non-integration among their colleagues in the university, although they are social people and they like to merge with the people around them, and that is why we offer ways to make friendships at the university easily.

The ways to form new friendships are simple and do not need as much effort as some young people think. All they have to do is to try to integrate people and the environment in a simplified way without complicated considerations and criteria.

The only way to make friends in the first year of university

The only way to make friends in the first year of university

Entering the university is a new stage in the life of every girl who leaves old girlfriends and make new friends, which is difficult for some girls, so there is a set of tips to help you make friends in the university


1 – Do not be nervous or weary that the first days of college passed without making new friends, because everyone thinks the same way and want to make new friends like you, so start and start talking to your colleagues at the university and introduce yourself to them.

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2 – Do not adhere to yourself in one group of friends, there are many people associated with a group of friends and do not get out of it and this is a mistake can be friends with more than a new group and settle on the nearest group of them to be close to you.

3 – Make time to make friends, do not justify your unity that there is no time, certainly after the end of lectures can talk to your colleagues.

4- Be yourself, do not try to be like me or be like your new friends, and be as you are, which makes friends close to you.

It is advisable to participate in student activities, because it helps you greatly expand your circle of knowledge, where you can communicate with students in colleges other than the college enrolled, and over time you will be able to identify many of them and make friends with them.

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In order to make friends you have to communicate with your colleagues and the fellowship will not become a friendship except in the presence of lectures, because it gives you the opportunity to spend more time with them.

Try to take advantage of your time in college to communicate with classmates and start talking to them in various things, whether related to the study or other, because if you ignore that often you will not be able to make friends in the first year.

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