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Things you’ll only know after 10 years of marriage

We do not know what these ten are, but they may be the experience you give to your partner after marriage. Others after ten years of marriage.
Who stands beside him?

After ten years of marriage, both of you must learn that true support is the key to the success of your relationship. We live in stressful conditions that exhaust us daily, so do not ask to empty such pressure in each other. Rather, it is better to support each other. Facing the Universe.

It is true that this support makes you stand by each other in front of everyone, but this does not mean that it continues to separate you at home, you may be able to tell him in your opinion frankly or want to alert him to something, this kind of frankness must occur between you and not In front of others.

Things you’ll only know after 10 years of marriage

Things you'll only know after 10 years of marriage

Choose your battles

Maybe at the beginning of the marriage you will find that you are quarreling about the towel that is never put in place or the box that is never returned by your husband in the refrigerator, but after ten years of marriage, you experience hundreds of differences and problems and snobs with your husband, which makes you pick your battles, Small odds that you create a big problem about it.

Do not worry about changing your husband’s style. It will not happen

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The most important secrets to the success of a relationship that you know over time is that it is important that you change and develop yourself. Acceptance, acceptance of all his faults and acceptance of yourself with all your failings.
Your children are part of this relationship

Your life is turned upside down with the arrival of the first child. It is true that the children take most of your time and energy, but what you learn after years of marriage is not to treat your children as a separate block from your marital relationship, but rather as part of it. Makes your relationship more connected and mature.

It’s true that you need plans with your husband, but make plans that include all of your family, both at home and abroad. After 10 years you know that children are not a reason to stay away from your husband.

Brawl in front of children
Have you considered your husband among the children?

This is not to say that it is contrary to the common meaning. Rather, we are all like children. We are happy with the words of motivation and encouragement, which is what motivates us to achieve real change. Your child does not seem to be more cooperative and welcome your advice if accompanied by positive words. Same style with your husband, say to him: “I loved very much what I did today” and so on.
Romance does not die

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It is always believed that romance dies after several years of marriage, but this idea can not be surrendered. Romanticism after ten years of marriage, on the contrary, takes on a new form of showing genuine and sincere interest in each other and understanding your character and requirements.

But it is very important that you continue to feel happy and loving each other, to have a happy time together. Whether you go to a party, cinema or dinner together from time to time, it is very important to renew your feelings and make sure from time to time to share your happy memories together. Such small things support your marriage for decades.
Not only the role of wife

After years of a relationship with a couple of doubles, you may need to play other roles besides the role of the wife, you may need to play the role of friend and be the closest people to the heart of your husband, with the passage of this time will enhance your relationship with your husband is to create common interests with your husband, Whether or not you want to spend time together reading, watching movies or even sharing things you love.

Whatever your interests are different, over time you have to find things that are common to you, even if they are few.

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